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National Creditors Bar Code of Conduct
All National Creditors Bar Association member firms are committed to fairness in the collection process for everyone. In addition to local, state, and federal laws and State Bar Association licensing and certification, attorney members are required to adhere to the National Creditors Bar Association Code of Conduct.

Your rights under California’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Debt Collection FAQs: A Guide for Consumers prepared by the Federal Trade Commission

Arizona Attorney General Article on Collections and Debt Settlement

FTC Identity Theft Complaint and Affidavit
What should I know before filling out the FTC’s ID Theft Complaint Form?

State Bar of California Home Page
Membership in the State Bar of California affords attorneys the right and privilege of practicing law in this state. The bar's integrated network of functions and services — many of them mandated by law — protects the public and assists attorneys in meeting their professional obligations. This link is one way to insure that the person who says he is an attorney is in fact an attorney.

Information about the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act